Dane Co. Airport
The Dane County Regional Airport is a vital link in air travel for many Midwestern travelers. When the Dane County Airport embarked on large-scale expansion and reconstruction, Yahara Materials provided aggregate materials and runway installation services, helping support both the airport and regional commerce and growth.
East Washington Avenue
When the much-needed facelift and expansion was completed on East Washington Avenue in Madison, Yahara Materials provided sand and stone for the project. The project has drastically improved travel into the heart of Madison’s downtown business and governmental districts.
Henry Vilas Zoo
As the Arctic Passage is built at the Henry Vilas Zoo, Yahara Materials is proud to supply the aggregate necessary for the project. The material provided will help build strong, secure homes for the polar and grizzly bears that will live in what will be the largest renovation in the zoo’s history.
Highway 151
Yahara Materials was awarded the contract to build the US Highway 18-151 bypass in Dodgeville. The project took eight years to complete, moved more than a million tons of earth, and ultimately created a safer, more rapid transit on the popular and heavily-used route.
Goodman Pool
When the City of Madison constructed its first public swimming pool, Yahara Materials helped lay the foundation – literally. Over 18,000 tons of materials (sand, stone, and related aggregate) was poured into the project to create this much-needed and much-appreciated community asset.


Yahara plays a critical role in building your communities, businesses and residences all over south central Wisconsin. We are a proud part of your growing community. Yahara Materials helped build key projects like the Goodman Pool, Dane County Regional Airport, Highway 151 upgrades and East Washington Avenue construction.

In today’s society, there are literally thousands of uses for rock and one size and type of aggregate does not fit all! Our experienced professionals assess each project, review the scope of the assignment and determine the aggregate materials needed, from limestone, sand and gravel to recycled asphalt and concrete. Then we match the right rock to the right job – over 3.5 million tons of it last year alone.

Every project is different – in size, in scope, in expectation. So the service we provide are as specialized as the aggregate we produce.

Custom crushing and washing
Placement and installation of material for streets, parking lots, even runways. Delivery of materials to businesses and private residences across South Central Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Our goal: Provide whatever is required, where and when it’s needed, in a reliable, safe and environmentally conscious way.

Aggregate from our quarries is used for an incredible range of projects, from large scale applications like highway construction and building site preparation to smaller-scale uses like sandboxes, retaining walls, even animal bedding. We coordinate our equipment and quarry resources, from blasting schedules and custom crushing to washing requirements and delivery schedules. Then we get to work, delivering what’s needed when it’s needed.

To remove aggregate front the ground, blasting is often required. This is done on an as-needed basis, based on material requirements of specific projects. Care is taken to precisely calibrate the charge, to maximize safety to workers and minimize any impact on area residents. While blasts last less than a second, it’s our policy to contact surrounding business and residences beforehand so our neighbors have the benefit of advance notice.


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