Pet Rock Contest 2016

Yahara Materials hosted hundreds of 1st grade students in late May at their quarry for tours that coincide with the children’s environmental studies.

All the children were encouraged to enter Yahara Materials’ “Pet Rock Contest” – decorate a rock to win prizes!

We’re proud to announce our three top finishers –

1st Place
Pet Rock: SIMBA
Student: Zuri
School: Lapham Elementary
2st Place
Pet Rock: Razor (the great white shark)
Student: Eli
School: Royal Oaks Elementary
3rd Place
Pet Rock: Harry Potter (the pencil is his wand)
Student: Owen
School: Horizon Elementary, Sun Prairie

1st prize = Rock Tumbler
2nd prize = Gift Certificate to Rocky Rococo’s
3rd prize = Gift Certificate to Cold Stone Creamery

Prizes will be sent or delivered to your school! Congratulations, kids! 

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